Tons of Opportunities to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle this Saturday

Sep 22 2017

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It may note feel like autumn but fall recycling events are in full swing this Saturday! Here’s the round up  of opportunities to get your 3Rs on this weekend.

  1. Lombard Recycling Extravaganza 9am-12pm *no electronics
  2.  Hanover Park Recycling Extravaganza 9am-1pm – includes paper shredding, no electronics. A SCARCE rep will be there collecting items for our book rescue, including books, records, and Brita & Pur filters and pitchers and accessories. Event is open to any resident of Illinois. View link for complete list.
  3.  State Rep. Willis Recycling Event – Northlake 9am-12pm – includes paper shredding & electronics, bikes and more!
  4. Used Book & Record Sale @ SCARCE 9am-12pm – stop by and score some hot vinyl at a bargain or pick up some new reading material. All proceeds fund SCARCE rescue projects.
  5. SCARCE Book Rescue Hours 9am-12pm – school/non-profit employees can drop by to get items, community members can volunteer to help unload, sort and recycle!
  6. Homer Glen Recycle Event 9am-12pm – includes shredding, electronics, bikes, and donations of clothing and food items. View link for full list of accepted items.

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