Sustainable Exhibits

SCARCE is happy to partner with local libraries who want to do their part in spreading environmental awareness. Helping others understand their impact is a core part of our mission, and our interactive, hands-on exhibits are designed to do just that!

Two different exhibits are currently available. Each exhibit lasts for a month, and SCARCE will handle all of the setup and tear-down requirements.

Where is Away

We all throw some things away, but where exactly is “away”? Do your patrons know where things go when they get dropped into the trash, recycling, or compost bins? Maybe they do—but understanding the rules and guidelines around proper waste disposal can still feel like a real challenge! With SCARCE, they can learn how to skip the guesswork.

Our exhibit on proper disposal techniques takes a look at infrastructure in northern Illinois and beyond, challenging and informing your patrons at the same time. By the time they’re finished exploring the exhibit, they’ll have all the tools that non-experts need in order to become true disposal experts.

“Where is Away” is available to all Illinois libraries.

Wonder About Your Water

Water is the most essential resource on the planet, but for many, its movements are quite mysterious. Where does the water come from when you turn on the tap? Where does it go after it flows down the drain?

This exhibit explores the three watersheds of DuPage County, empowering locals to think about the way they use water—and the ways that we can all help to protect that water supply together.

“Wonder About Your Water” is currently available to all DuPage County libraries. This exhibit is sponsored by DuPage County Stormwater and the DuPage Water Commission.

Host an Exhibit at Your Library

Hosting an exhibit at your library is a smart and affordable way to spread awareness to your community. If you’re interested in partnering with SCARCE, all you have to do is let us know. We’ll handle the entire process—from delivery, to set-up, to teardown, to handouts.


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