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For over 30 years SCARCE has been implementing change to foster a more sustainable future. Find out how we can make an impact together.

Go Green and Save Green

Our green audits will help you:

Save Money

Discover where you can reduce spending throughout your building.

Save Resources

Consume less and minimize waste through manageable changes in your day to day.

Save the Earth

Make a difference in your community with actionable green initiatives.

SCARCE saved one company over $400K in one year by implementing a recycling system, and we can help you too!

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How Can SCARCE Benefit Your Organization?

We all want to live in a world that feels like home—and ensure that our children get to enjoy the same privilege. Although each individual has a responsibility to be part of the solution, businesses and organizations like yours are particularly well-positioned to make a difference. The effects of any changes you implement are instantly magnified by the scale of your operations, and that means even small adjustments can lead to extraordinary benefits.

However, helping the environment is about more than commitment: you need to know where and how to intervene if you want to have the greatest possible impact. That’s where we come in.
SCARCE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and for 30+ years, we’ve made a measurable impact on local communities by developing real, actionable changes for businesses and organizations like yours. Our recycling programs have already diverted more than 1,012,255 pounds from the landfill, and we can do so much more as a team. Together, we’ll make the world a better, cleaner place.

Nirel Inman, Co-President of
Chicago Glue & Machine

“The team at SCARCE and their resources are invaluable in helping us prioritize our actions and educate us. We started with SCARCE conducting a Green Audit, which took an hour or two and provided our roadmap of impactful and engaging actions to take. The information and suggestions provided were easy, practical, and sequential.

Chicago Glue & Machine has already implemented several of their suggestions to help our business, customers, community, and planet! We’re eager to take the next steps to continue our sustainability journey. I highly recommend working with and supporting SCARCE in their mission of “Inspiring people through environmental education.”

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