Literacy at the Laundromat

Our Literacy at the Laundromat program reaches kids in an unconventional way. Families who use laundromats average over two hours a week at these facilities; why not spend that time reading? SCARCE provides free reading materials kids can take home to boost literacy and a love of reading.


We Donate

SCARCE delivers refurbished bookshelves to laundromats, stocked with books.

We Restock

Our volunteers routinely restock shelves with new and like-new books.

Kids Read!

Kids build their at-home libraries while developing literacy skills!

More Books = Higher Reading Scores

Our used books selection spans from children’s picture books to adult fiction, with everything from YA, non-fiction, and more. We also have many vintage, collectable titles that make for cherished gifts and special additions to any shelf.


Providing free books to lower-income areas helps increase literacy and test scores for young readers, which in turn strengthens our communities and future generations!

“I just want to say: thank you Scarce! We visit a laundromat every week and my 4 year old daughter loves to find books. Today she found a Dr. Seuss book, her favorite! Thanks to you, we started our very own library at home. We love to read together. Thank you for making this possible!”


SCARCE is an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to making our world a better, cleaner place for future generations. Efforts like our used book store have helped us give over 8 million books to people in need and diverted millions more books and supplies from the landfill.

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