Storm Drain Medallions: A Simple Environmental Service Project with Lasting Impact

Jun 29 2018

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You can help keep our waterways clean and healthy.

Are you looking to make a difference for the environment and your community? Protect local waterways and educate your fellow community members with the Storm Drain Medallion Project from SCARCE. We provide the tools and guidance to help you make a difference.

storm drain medallion

What is the storm drain medallion project?

SCARCE is looking for DuPage County citizens to lead small-scale storm drain medallion projects in their community. Storm drain medallions are markers that are adhered to the curb of a storm drain. They educate readers not to dump waste of any kind down storm drains as they connect directly to our rivers, streams, and lakes.*  Many people are unaware that water from storm drains does not get filtered or treated before being released into local waterways.  By installing storm drain medallions, you can help prevent the pollution of our water and educate your fellow community members.

Only rainwater should go down storm drains – dumping of any other waste is illegal by the Federal Clean Water Act and should be reported to your local municipality. Hazardous or potentially life-threatening spills should be reported by calling 911.

*Notably, the city of Chicago, and other old, large cities across the U.S., are an exception with their combined sewer systems. Learn the difference between combined and separated sewer systems in this great video from the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinatti.

Review the project steps and FAQ below. All in all, the Storm Drain Medallion Project is a great activity that is simple to do and has a lasting impact. Apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions

SCARCE has storm drain medallions and installation materials available for free to DuPage County residents aged 13 or older that would like to run a project in their community. We’ve worked with Eagle Scouts, student clubs, honors classes, village environmental committees, civic groups, libraries and more. We do require at least one adult, such as a teacher, parent, or scout leader to oversee the project.

This project is FREE! Thanks to a grant from the DuPage Foundation, SCARCE will provide medallions and all the materials needed for installation free of charge to approved projects in DuPage County. There is a $20 cash deposit  to cover tools loaned out for the installation. The deposit is returned once we receive the tools and a brief follow-up project summary with photos is submitted. Materials must be picked up from SCARCE and the cash deposit must be provided at that time.

This project is quite simple. If your project is small, it takes just a few hours to plan and install. Get the ball rolling and apply today!

This project is for smaller-scale installations from as few as 1 to as many as 20. However, we may be able to provide more depending on the scope of your project and the organizations involved. We are happy to work with you and provide guidance as needed.

You’ll undergo a quick training and be expected to pass the info along to your group. You’ll need to provide a $20 deposit for tools and have each member of your group fill out a waiver. You’ll also need to fill out the Final Project Summary . You must submit photos, installation locations, and the final number of medallions and project participants.

Basic Project Procedure

  1. Review the FAQ above and fill out the online application.
  2. Call SCARCE to schedule a time to finalize your project and pick up the supplies.
  3. Supply Pick Up & Training: Bring a $20.00 cash deposit, fill out the project agreement, sign a waiver, have a quick training, and get your supplies.
  4. Install Medallions. While running your project, make sure to take photos and record the installation location of each medallion.
  5. Fill out the final project summary.
  6. Return your tools to SCARCE (best to call ahead). Fill out the return receipt and, assuming tools are returned functional, get your $20.00 deposit.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to install storm drain medallions (spoiler alert: this is your training video). Get more details on how to properly install medallions here.

Still have questions? Review the application, installation instructions, and then contact us for more info.

Thank you to the DuPage Foundation for supporting this project.

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