How to Install a Storm Drain Medallion

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The Storm Drain Medallion Project is a simple environmental service project with lasting impact. It’s a great community activity for groups high school age and older.  SCARCE has storm drain medallions available for groups to install in DuPage County. Learn more about the project and apply to lead one here.

How to Install a Storm Drain Medallion


Proper Placement

Installing storm drain medallions is simple but there are a few important things to note to ensure proper installation. First is placement. The storm drain medallion should be on a smooth, flat surface above street level in order to avoid damage from snow plows and street sweepers and to keep the drain open for proper drainage of stormwater. Check out some example of proper and improperly installed medallions below.

Prep the Surface & Adhere

Be sure to properly clean the area where the storm drain medallion with a wire brush followed by a soft bristle brush. The surface must be dry to apply the medallion.

The glue should be applied to the medallion (not the curb) following the numbered pathway that circles from the upper left corner of the medallion, around the edge and to the center. When applying the medallion to the curb, a small amount of glue should seep out around the entire edge of the medallion for it to be securely sealed.

Allow the medallion to dry for at least 2 hours before being exposed to any moisture from rainfall or sprinklers.

For more details on how to install a storm drain medallion, review the tutorial video and downloadable instruction sheet below.

Clean Up

Be sure to leave the area where you installed medallions cleaner than when you arrived. Combine your storm drain medallion project with our complementary Pick Up 5 initiative. . Bring a bag to pick up any litter on or around the storm drain – after all, the goal is to prevent pollution of our waterways.

Check out our video below demonstrating the simple steps to properly install a storm drain medallion.


Download the Storm Drain Medallion Installation Instruction Sheet



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