SCARCE helps local organizations during the health crisis

May 04 2020

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SCARCE is grateful to everyone who is caring for our community during these challenging times.  We are doing our part by helping organizations get the supplies they need to serve the public safely and effectively.  By maintaining a diverse collection of books and school supplies, we were able to provide these valuable materials during the health crisis:

  • 600 transparency films to S.E. Gross Middle School in Brookfield.  Students at the school combined the films with 3-D printed plastic headbands to create protective face shields for first responders.
  • 200 transparency films to Bolingbrook Christian Health Center, who created protective face shields for their healthcare professionals.
  • 200 N95 masks to the Bolingbrook Christian Health Center and the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office.  Health care and law enforcement professionals need these high quality masks due to their frequent interactions with the public.
  • 2 boxes of plastic goggles to the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement professionals to use in the field.
  • Over 500 books and a pallet of paper to Tri-town YMCA / Villa Park School District 45 to hand out with food boxes for their struggling families.
  • Over 100 books to the Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center to hand out with food support.

SCARCE is honored to partner with these organizations to keep our community safe and healthy.  Although physical distancing is required to slow the spread of COVID-19, SCARCE is working hard to maintain the social connections that are the lifeline for so many in our community.  Together, we can do this.

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