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Recycling During COVID-19

May 04 2020

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The process of sorting recyclables still requires humans.

Doing your part to reduce the spread of coronavirus effort extends all the way to your recycling. Believe it or not, sorting recyclables still requires humans. Our local recycling companies are asking for your help to protect the health of those people.

If you or anyone in your household have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, please bag and dispose of your recyclables in the trash until symptoms subside.

If everyone in your household is well, you can continue to place loose recyclables in your recycling cart.

More Recycling & Waste Precautions

The Solid Waste Agency of North America advises that all items be placed inside carts. You can also help protect workers by sanitizing the lids and handles of your bins and carts.

Many haulers have suspended bulk item, landscape waste, and specialty pick-ups. Recycling is still being picked up and recycled.

Masks, gloves, PPE, tissues, and wipes are not recyclable. Place those items in the trash.

For more updates on recycling and garbage collection, check with your municipal government, service provider, or the DuPage County Environmental Division.

Important recycling reminders:

If anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, bag and trash your recyclables. If everyone is well…

  1. Place your recycling loose in the recycling cart. Do not put your recycling in bags. Period.
  2. Plastic bags, film, and air cushions are not recyclable at home. Do not put them in your bin.*
  3. All containers must be clean and empty.
  4. Boxes must be empty and flattened.

*If you collect your recycling in a plastic trash bag, simply empty the recyclable contents into your recycling bin. Then place the bag in the trash or – better yet – reuse it for trash first.

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