New Incentives for Schools Make Solar Energy More Affordable than Ever

Sep 23 2019

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Thanks to the Future Energy Jobs Act passed in 2016, new incentives are available for Illinois schools to install solar panels, making it one of the best times to go solar.

The 1.88MW solar array on the roof of Lake Park High School in Roselle.

Why go solar at school?

  • Stand out as a sustainability leader in your community
  • Create an educational enrichment opportunity
  • Generate clean energy to power your school
  • Lower your monthly electricity costs


Solar Incentives for Schools

Through Illinois Solar Renewable Energy Credits, schools installing solar arrays are eligible to have 50%-90% of the total costs covered. Given the big discount, most schools can expect to see a payback in 3-5 years of installation and can expect savings from there on out for the 25 year lifespan of the average system.

SCARCE has partnered with a locally owned and operated solar installer to provide educational support for schools that choose to work with them for their solar installation. Together, we provide a workshop to help teachers and administrators learn how to integrate their new solar power array into their classrooms and utilize the energy monitoring software provided.

As more than just a solar installer, they can also help schools tackle energy efficiency projects such as upgrading lighting and more.

The Future Energy Jobs Act put Illinois on the path towards a clean energy future – make sure your school is at the forefront of it!

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