New Collection: Plastic Bread Tags

Jun 30 2017

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bread tag

SCARCE is glad to announce that we are now collecting plastic bread tags for recycling in partnership with Danielle Cares for Chairs. Plastic bread tags are those square clips commonly used to seal bags around a loaf of bread, bagels, or even produce. If you are trying to reduce your plastic use, they can be hard to avoid. Further, plastic bread tags are not recyclable in your curbside recycling bin. Therefore, millions end up in landfills each year, just adding to our disposable plastic problem.

bread tag

These little clips can be hard to avoid.

Why Can’t They Be Recycled at Home?

Well, two reasons. First, they are tiny! Recycling equipment simply isn’t able to sort them out. Second, they are made of #6 plastic a.k.a. polystyrene which is not recyclable in any form (we’re talking about you styrofoam and solo cups!) in Illinois’ curbside recycling programs.

Reduce Environmental Impact, Increase Social Impact

Danielle Cares for Chairs came to SCARCE in 2019 to award a wheelchair to a local child in need.

Danielle Cares for Chairs is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit in Indiana that collects and recycles plastic bread tags for funds to purchase wheelchairs for those in need. It was started by high school junior, Danielle Rothchild, after an upcycling challenge got her working with bread tags. She found an organization in South Africa collecting them to raise funds for wheelchairs. She was inspired to take action.

Taking an otherwise non-recyclable item and transforming it into something for social good is what we like to call a win-win here at SCARCE. Danielle Cares for Chairs agrees “we are young and concerned about our planet and want to start by educating young people about sustainability…we can collectively benefit while making a better planet.”

According to Danielle, it takes about 260,000 bread tags to purchase a basic wheelchair – so every bread tag counts!

Take Action! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce: The first thing you can do is try to avoid purchasing items sealed with bread tags. Try buying produce loose (BYO produce bag) and substitute bakery breads that often come unpackaged (BYObag or use recyclable paper bags). Packaged items are ubiquitous so when you can’t avoid it (and can’t reuse the tag), the next best thing is to recycle it.

SCARCE is happy to be working with Danielle Cares for Chairs to reduce the land-filling of resources and help those in need. If you find you purchase items sealed with plastic bread tags, please save them.  Drop off your bread tags at SCARCE during our regular business hours. You can view our full list of collections here.

Start a Collection

You can start a collection at school, work, or church. Simply get a container label it and spread the word about your recycling project. You can download signs for you collection below.

Download Collection Signs

Don’t live anywhere near Indianapolis or Glen Ellyn? Check out these cool ideas for reusing bread tags. You can also mail them to us. Find our address here.

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