Hot Topics: July 2018

Jun 26 2018

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Hot Topics highlights eco-news from the past month worth another mention. Click through for links to the original stories.


Yes! In My Backyard: Home Composting Guide for Local Government

Composting at home is a simple way that residents can reduce food waste and fight climate change. Learn how local governments can help foster composting in their community with this free guide from the Institute for Local Self Reliance. It profiles programs in place, the benefits of encouraging home composting, and lessons learned.

You can also contact SCARCE for consulting or programs on home composting for your library, park district, garden club and more.

Support Pollinators By Registering for Monarch License Plate Decal Before September

Pollinators, including monarch butterflies, are essential to the survival of ecosystems and putting food on the table. Habitat loss is one of the biggest factors in declining pollinator populations. You can fund roadside milkweed plantings in Illinois and show your pollinator pride through purchasing a monarch license plate decal. Help get this program up and running by registering for your decal before September 1st! Learn more and register for your decal.

Thanks to The Illinois Environmental CouncilNRDC, and Illinois Department of Natural Resources for getting this started!


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