E7S4- Inspiring Plastic Consciousness & a Virtue of Moderation: An interview with Dr. Sarah Richart, professor at Azusa Pacific University

May 20 2021

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In this episode: Join Kay, Heather, and Carol as they interview Dr. Sarah Richart, Professor of Biology and Chemistry and Environmental Club Sponsor at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Richart discusses her own journey developing a curriculum for her students that examines both plastics at the microbial level as well as our behaviors that govern its consumption. Also in this episode: building the virtue of moderation. Plastic footprints. The power of the group vs. the power of the individual. Lenten Disciplines. Building good habits, and planting seeds. 

Mentioned in this episode:

About Dr. Sarah Richart
Article from “Microbe” magazine: Marine Microbes Not Much Help Degrading Ocean-floating Plastics
Young Evangelicals on Climate Action
Azusa Pacific University Environmental Stewardship
Church Of England’s Plastic-Free Lent (from the BBC)

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