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Storm Drain Medallions – Keep our Waterways Clean

Jun 08 2016

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Thanks to a wonderful grant from the DuPage Foundation, we have been able to help four municipalities place medallions on storm drains in an effort to educate the community about keeping our waterways clean.  The medallions are in English and Spanish and read “No Dumping! Drains to River”.

No Dumping! Drains to River

Everything that goes down storm drains goes directly into our creeks, streams, and rivers – it does not get filtered at a water treatment facility. Pollutants, such as cooking oil, motor oil, fertilizer, pesticides, litter, and more, will have a direct and negative impact on wildlife – plants, animals and fish.  Pollutants also cost municipalities thousands of dollars in maintenance when they have to clean out clogged pipes.  Clogged pipes also lead to costly flooding in our streets and homes.

SCARCE was proud to partner with the Village of Downers Grove and Community High School District 99 North, to place 500 medallions on storm drains around the village.  We were thrilled to participate in the educational video the village created to share the process and the purpose of these medallions.

We invite you to view the video here:

Get Medallions for Your Community!

Storm drain medallions are available for DuPage County municipalities and schools and make a great Eagle Scout project! If you are interested or have questions give us a call.  We have information on how to properly recycle cooking oil, paint and other hazardous waste.  Remember, keep your storm drain clear and our waterways clean!


Learn more about the project and apply here.


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