Smoke Detector Collection

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Did you hear about the new law regarding smoke detectors in Illinois? Effective January 1, 2023, the updated law requires Illinois residents to replace their old smoke alarms with the type that has a long-term, 10-year sealed battery. Did you also know that smoke alarms contain a radioactive chip? This is a hazardous material.

SCARCE works tirelessly to make it easier for you to do the right thing with hard to dispose of items. So, we are now able to collect smoke detectors here at SCARCE. The cost is $12 per item.

Why is there a fee? SCARCE has to purchase the proper shipping container and return shipping upfront in order to safely collect and then transport the smoke detectors to New Mexico. There, the smoke detectors are demanufactured by hand and the radioactive chip is sent to a secure location where it will be safely stored forever.

Please follow these guidelines when bringing us your smoke detectors:

  • Do NOT disassemble the smoke detector. It must remain whole and intact for us to accept it.
  • You may leave the battery in the smoke detector.
  • Drop off hours are the same as our normal business hours – Mon-Fri, 9-4:30 and Sat 9-12:00.
  • Please bring your smoke detectors in the front door where you can pay at the front desk.

Contact us at or 630-545-9710 if you have any questions.

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