S4E3 – How to honor World Water Day (March 22) & those who live downstream from you.

Mar 17 2021

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In this episode: Join Kay, Heather, and Carol as they honor World Water Day (March 22nd) and recall the ways we can keep our water clean and safe. Also in this episode: how to show your water the love in the activities of your daily life.

Dear Water: How do I show my love to thee? Let me count the ways. 

  1. Plant native plants 
  2. Protect storm drains: Dispose of medicines and oils properly
  3. Vacuum when it rains (no laundry please)
  4. Learn about my watershed
  5. Use less 

Keeping in mind: Everyone lives downstream from someone. 

Mentioned in this episode:

Alliance for the Great Lakes
Chicago Tribune Article: Just 50 miles from Lake Michigan Ground Water is Running Out
Wheaton Native Plant Sale
3-2-1 Contact Episode about Water (for kids!)
DEA National Drug Take Back Day
City of Dallas Cease the Grease
Water with Blessings
Hope DuPage: DuPage County Drug Takeback 
World Water Day
DuPage County Stormwater Management

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