S3 Episode 2 – Recycling Extravaganzas: Building community while saving so much from the landfill

Sep 21 2020

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In this episode:  Join Kay, Heather, Carol, and Erin as they chat it up about hosting a Recycling Extravaganza. What happens when communities come together to recycle on these special days? Community building, thousands of books rescued, paper shredding is golden, 1200 car loads of items, 400 lbs of syringes in 3 hours. Recycling propane tanks, car batteries, sump pump batteries, musical instruments, eyeglasses, crutches. Some things will be reused; some things will be recycled. Question: What do you do with all your stuff AFTER you go on a Marie Condo bender?  Answer: Take it to a Recycling Extravaganza. 

What started as a book collection in Wheaton in 1986 has now grown to a one-stop drop off of many items. Recycling Extravaganzas are for items that can’t go into curbside recycling and shouldn’t go into the landfill. These are all going to organizations that will reuse the items, helping organizations that need them. Find out how to host your own Extravaganza!

Recycling Extravaganzas:

  • Help the environment
  • Promote local organizations
  • Build community
  • Save so much from the landfill
  • Protect resources 
  • Are fossil fuel and time efficient ??️

Mentioned in this episode:
SCARCE Recycling Events
Crutches for Kids
Project Cure
Habitat for Humanity Restore
Lions Club Eyeglasses Recycling

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