Little Things Add Up: Updates on our Bread Tag & Holiday Lights Collections

Jul 02 2021

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Besides books, SCARCE offers many special collections for specific items. Two of these collections, bread tags and holiday lights, had huge totals this past month.

Across DuPage County, the holiday light collection for the 2020-2021 holiday season totaled over 33,661 pounds. Thank you to our partner Elgin Recycling for helping us on this great project. Lights can be donated at SCARCE year-round.

At the end of June, SCARCE weighed our large collection of bread tags, resulting in 121.9 pounds! It takes roughly 131 bread tags to get 1 pound, which means SCARCE collected about 16,000 bread tags for Danielle Cares for Chairs. Your bread tag donations contribute to the 260,000 bread tags needed to purchase a basic wheelchair for a child in need. We absolutely love working with Danielle and her non-profit and there is no end in site. The bulk of this load of bread tags was donated from The Lane School, located in Clarendon Hills (School District 181). Their large collection involved contacting local restaurants and businesses to gather mass amounts of bread tags from them. Thank you to The Lane School for your enormous collection, and thank you to everyone who continues to donate them — little things add up!

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