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New “Where is Away?” Exhibit Available for Local Libraries

Dec 20 2018

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Recycling can be very confusing – it can trip up even the most avid recycler. That’s why contamination in recycling programs has become such a big problem.  As a leading educator on how to reduce waste and recycle correctly, we know that people really want to do it right. SCARCE decided there needed to be more ways to reach people. From that realization, the idea for our Where is Away? exhibit began.

A Hands-on Educational Feature

Thanks to a grant from the DuPage Foundation, SCARCE developed our interactive “Where  is Away?” exhibit to loan out to public libraries. It is a 3-dimensional, four-sided, free-standing exhibit that allows a person to explore how to responsibly dispose of common items found around the home. The items range from plastic bottles and bags to household chemicals, electronics and food scraps with best practice solutions that include composting, recycling at home, or taking to a special collection center.

Three different panels offer a total of 27 items to investigate. Passersby may explore as much or as little as interests them. Doors on each panel name and show a picture of a particular item. Open the door to find details on how to best dispose of the item. For those looking to really reduce their environmental impact, there is also a tip to “rethink” your waste. On the fourth panel, the exhibit has room for informational handouts from SCARCE, your library, or waste hauler.

Reserve the Where is Away? Exhibit

The Where is Away? exhibit is great as an eye-catching, stand-alone feature in a library lobby or other common area. SCARCE will help you take full advantage of the educational opportunity. We can provide supplemental education programs for all ages on the theme of recycling. In addition, we can work with your town’s waste hauler to get specific details on your curbside recycling program to include with the exhibit and help you get the word out in your community.

Exhibit Loan Details:

  • Available to public libraries in northern Illinois
  • Loans are for approximately 1 month, or a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Space requirements: 8.5 foot square (actual display is 30″ square)

Want this display at your library? Let them know! Please share this with your library’s program director.

Apply for the Exhibit

Thank you to the DuPage Foundation for funding the development of this exhibit.

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