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Food Waste Weekend 2018

September 21, 2018 - September 23, 2018

Each year in the United States we waste 133 Billion pounds of food. That equals 40% of food produced. At the same time,1 in 6 Americans doesn’t know where their next meal will come from. Further, reducing food waste is one of the top three most important strategies to fight climate change.

In order to solve our food waste problem we need everyone to take action.
Calling All Faith Communities

Did you know that 70% of food pantries are in houses of worship? Faith leaders are critical partners in the food waste fight.

Food Waste Weekend was created to involve faith communities as an integral part of the solution to reducing food waste. By participating, your house of worship can fight hunger and climate change.  AmpleHarvest.org and Greenfaith have put together resources for clergy of all faith backgrounds to integrate a message on food waste reduction into their sermons over this weekend.

All faiths teach about feeding the hungry. Food Waste Weekend refocuses the discussion to ending hunger by reducing food waste. Encourage your clergy to join the fight and give a sermon about food waste so your congregation can make a difference.

Click on “more information” to find resources and learn how you or your house of worship can get involved!


SCARCE Can Help, Too

Want tips on how to reduce food waste at your house of worship? Looking to start food scrap composting?  Needs some more inspiration? Contact us.

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