Earth Day Giving

Every day is Earth Day at SCARCE!

Earth Day celebrates a worldwide commitment to environmental progress, and at SCARCE, we use this day to deepen our community roots and plant seeds that will continue to blossom for years to come. Your support has limitless potential to impact the world around us! 

Watch Your Donation Grow:

You donate money to SCARCE

which goes into our Reuse Center

which helps supply a teacher’s classroom

which inspires a love of science in a young reader

which creates a future scientist who fights climate change!

Real Change Starts with You

When you donate to SCARCE, your funds support our extensive network of ongoing projects and partnerships, creating far-reaching, long-lasting change. Every dollar, book, and donated resource takes on a second life of enrichment and eco-friendly impact. No matter how you contribute, your support can turn into cleaner water, healthier air, and happier lives! 

Together, we can change lives through our:

Reuse Center

In 2020, our Reuse Center served over 1 million people. We estimate that over our 30 years, we’ve repurposed about 9 million books: books that were chosen by teachers or not for profits. This, in addition to the roughly 15 billion pounds of books that were properly recycled over the years and diverted from landfills, has made a tremendous impact on the environment and our communities. 

Recycling Extravaganza

Around 20 times a year, our recycling events bring out anywhere from 200-800 residents, providing a one-stop shop for dropping off hard-to-recycle items. They are a huge benefit to the community because they divert truly recyclable items from landfills.

Book Donations

We partner with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, U-46 Give Me Five program, the YWCA, and the Elgin Partnership for Early Learning to provide reading and activity books to go along with their food donation drop off programs to communities in need.  These partnerships meet our mission of building strong communities.

Your Donations in Action

We feel so grateful to have the support of SCARCE. Their donation will help to benefit the children who endure years and years of unending cancer treatments by rewarding the kids with a toy, gift or gift card after every procedure.”

Colleen Kisel
Founder and CEO, Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation

SCARCE works tirelessly to keep materials out of the landfills and are supplying the children and families of Elgin with the items they need to make learning fun.”

Amber Peters
Executive Director, Elgin Partnership for Early Learning

“SCARCE has been instrumental to our Story Book Program where we connect children to their incarcerated parents so familial ties give hope to inmates seeking rehabilitative services. SCARCE has been a wonderful and meaningful partner to the Sheriff’s Office.  They truly care and have enhanced our services to the DuPage County community.  Thank you for what you do!”

James Mendrick
DuPage County Sheriff

“Being able to deliver books and supplies to local children not only provided the kids with the tools to keep up with their homework and e-learning, but it gave them a sense of hope and wonderment while providing respite to their parents trying to balance through very challenging times. We are so grateful that SCARCE was here to answer the needs of more than 200 children that we serve.”

Sarah O’Donnell
CEO, Tri-Town YMCA

Support SCARCE on Earth Day

At SCARCE, Earth Day happens 365 days a year. We appreciate your support today and everyday!

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