2023 Award Winners

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Best Overall LEED Design – Hinsdale South HS

This innovative, fast-food restaurant model included sustainable features such as thermoelectric generators which capture excess heat from ovens to be repurposed elsewhere, paint and bricks that reflect sun rays to cool naturally, and native clover plantings, surrounding the exterior.  It also incorporated unique, bug-based food items and eco-friendly customer incentives to ensure its “sustainability.”

Judges said, “Love the innovation and unique idea of normalizing bugs as food to tie in sustainable food options.”  “Very clear that you researched and understood the material!”

Second Place Overall LEED Design – Wheaton Academy

This restaurant incorporates several sustainable features including a vertical garden with a rainwater collection, filtration and storage system.  It is powered 100% by solar energy, and is built with reclaimed brick and wood in an effort to conserve resources and use healthy materials. 

Judges said, “Really appreciated the flexibility of the concept.”  “Feasible project with well designed components and defined scope.”

Best Energy Design – Glenbard East HS

This home’s use of geothermal, wind and both tilt-able and rotating, solar panel energy is very efficient.  Other sustainable features and materials of this model include insulation made out of repurposed denim, light bulbs that change both color and brightness based on specific times and needs, as well as keeping the main living areas on the floor with the most windows. 

Judges said, “Attention to detail was excellent. Nice job incorporating unique technologies and thinking through all the details of how the home will operate. It was great to see you thought through cost and feasibility.”  “Clearly did extensive research.  Impressive!”

Best Stormwater Design – Hinsdale South HS

This underground home incorporated important stormwater management and water efficiency features such as the use of native plants in landscaping, as well as a one-of-a-kind gutter system inserted into the hillside.  A main focus of this model was to maintain the natural landscape in an effort to preserve precious wildlife habitats.

Judges said, “The underground design was awesome, very unique.  The gutter system collecting runoff to reuse was brilliant.”

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