2022 Award Winners

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2022 Best Stormwater Team – York

The Best Stormwater Design and $250 prize was awarded to Tessa Brown, Gracie Stumpf, Katie Stumpf, and Maya Valdez of team The Pinecones from York Community H.S in Elmhurst. The students constructed a bermed house, two sides being earthbound, to be located in San Francisco due to its walkability, public transportation and commitment to environmental accountability.  Some sustainable features that stood out in this model were its honeycomb, dome shape, vegetated walls, abundant native plants surrounding the hill and property, an underground cistern, a permeable driveway, a greywater and filtering system, and a greenhouse. 

2022 Best Energy Team – Glenbard East

The Best Energy Design and $250 prize was awarded to Kristina Tomanov of team Kristina Tomanov from Glenbard East High School in Lombard.  She constructed the Cherry House based on the concept of environmental circularity and the five principles of Passive House (PHIUS) design to be located on previously developed property close to plenty of public transportation.  Some of the prominent features the project included were a white reflective roof with three segments facing different directions which include an accessible green roof and multiple solar panels, an open-floor plan, and the implementation of the passive heating technique/system known as Direct Gain. 

2022 Overall LEED Team – Glenbard East

The Overall LEED Design and $500 prize was awarded to Kaylee Choi, John Polyak, Calvin Putterlik and Steve Flanagan of team Green Glory from Glenbard East H.S. in Lombard.  The students constructed a house to be located on a brownfield site in an effort to restore property that is no longer in use and to help improve the community. Some of the key, eco-friendly and low impact features that contributed to the success of the project were the application of geothermal energy, solar panels, a green roof, eco-timber bamboo floors, natural ThermaCork insulation, native plants and grasses throughout the outdoor landscape, a cistern, and a drip irrigation system. 

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