Wheaton Public Library Celebrates Green Certifications from SCARCE and DuPage County

Sep 22 2016

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Presenters pose with the library’s flags on display.

On Saturday, September 10th the Wheaton Public Library (WPL) held a public celebration for the roll-out of their Earth Flag and Water Quality Flag.  A presentation highlighted WPL’s achievements as well as the upcoming addition of curbside food scrap collection in Wheaton given by  Library Board President Christine Fenne, SCARCE director Kay McKeen, Chairman of the DuPage County Environmental Committee Tony Michelassi, and John DuGuay, Assistant City Manager. SCARCE also had interactive displays on watersheds, native plants, and permeable pavers. 

The library was awarded their flags by DuPage County and SCARCE in June for their efforts to improve their green practices and education for the community. The Wheaton Public Library is the first non-school in DuPage County to earn the Water Quality Flag from SCARCE and DuPage County Stormwater Management.


A rain barrel display from the Connect the Dots programming.

Going Green

WPL trained staff and administration on eco-friendly programs and initiatives of the library as well as future steps to take at work and at home. During this process, the library installed hand dryers and foam soap dispensers in restrooms to decrease waste and transitioned to eco-friendly cleaning products. 

The library also made an effort to educate residents on conserving resources, preserving water quality, and reducing flooding in their community. They hosted a number of events through their “Connect the Dots” water quality and conservation programming. With the help of SCARCE, WPL hosted programs and many educational displays around the library, including current displays on the “Yes & No’s” for recycling and composting in Wheaton. Further, Wheaton Public Library encourages residents to utilize it’s resources as a part of being green – borrowing an item, instead of buying,  is one easy way to reduce and reuse. Check out their Earth Flag & Water Quality Flag next time you stop in. Way to go WPL!

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