John Williams, WGN, Interviews Kay

Aug 27 2019

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Back-to-School with SCARCE

Last Thursday, John Williams, host of the long-running WGN afternoon news show, interviewed Kay McKeen about the latest happenings at SCARCE.

Kay explained Scarce’s mission, and talked about the children and teachers assisted, especially during back-to-school time.

“People have chosen over seven million books from us,” Kay explained.

“Really? From your garage?” John sounded shocked.

“Yep, from our garage.”

“You don’t have multiple locations throughout Chicagoland?”

Kay laughed. “No, we’re a wing and a prayer kind of place John – I wish we had a bigger place.”

Kay explained that rent is seven thousand a month and that books sales and a recommended $5 donation help cover operating costs.

For more information about how to help with donations and to hear the entire 12 minute interview, click here.

Thanks to John Williams and WGN for helping us spread the word about SCARCE!

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