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Trash into Treasure!

Nov 30 2022

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Crafty ideas for re-use projects you CAN do.

Build yourself a family of critters using corks.

Corks, pushpins, straight pins, paperclips and scrap paper are all you need to create a cheerful crowd of critters.

Leave a surprise on a co-worker’s desk or keep the kids busy for a whole afternoon building a cork animal farm!

Turn an old ladder into a Winter Wonderland!

Adding simple shelving to each step creates a display area ready for fuzzy snow, twinkle lights and a whole town of charm. Use pre-made houses or create your own from small boxes, or even legos.

Come spring, transform it into your indoor fairy garden display!

Build A Critter Family Out of Tubes

TP, paper towel, or packing tubes are a fun form for all sorts of paper animals and sea creatures.

Some colored paper, markers, tape or glue and you have an afternoon of seeing the world through an artist’s eyes!

Make a table-sized Holiday Tree

Glue a collection of pretty buttons, like ornaments, to a simple tree form made from leftover packing materials or a rolled cone of paper. Glue the tree to a small pot or pretty plate from an estate sale or re-use store.

Buttons not your thing? Try making your mini tree from small cut fabric squares or circles, biggest ones on the bottom and smallest ones on top. Thick fabric such as felt or old sweaters works best. Sew the fabric pieces together with a long thread up the center–like the trunk of a tree. Then top it with a pretty button or dot of glitter glue!

Get Creative with Holiday Wrap

Did you know that many holiday wrapping papers can NOT be recycled? (Anything with shiny printing or glitter should not go in the blue bin.)

Search your home for other ways to present your gifts. Try wrapping in fabric or scarves, cloth bags, old maps or sheet music. And don’t forget the classic–newspaper. Know someone who’s moved recently? Packing paper is great for wrapping and drawing on too!

There are so many ways to turn trash into treasures. Crafting projects like these inspire, delight, and make wonderful memories too!

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