S3 Episode 10: Green your holiday

Dec 15 2020

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In this episode:  Kay, Heather, and Carol, explore ways to increase holiday cheer while decreasing holiday waste. Good clean fun: reusable gift wrap ideas. Grandma boxes! Also in this episode: Christmas trees, and the end life of a real tree vs fake. Everlasting Poinsettias. Grandma Francis. Heather’s grocery store dreams. MRF’s and what not to put in your curbside recycling (holiday lights, ribbons, glitter paper, pinecones to name a few). Tanglers and holiday light recycling.

Reusable wrapping ideas
Using resources again and again
Wrap a gift in soft towels, or something else reusable
Birthday boxes
Buy wrapping paper made from recycled paper. 
Thrift store goodies

Two New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Think of the end life when buying things
  2. Spread compost love 2021

Mentioned in this episode
Holiday Light Recycling
Elgin Recycling
Groot Recycling Video

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