S2 Episode 9 – Founding Fathers: In the Green

Apr 13 2020

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Join us for a countdown to Earth Day with season 2 of Earth Chats. We’re releasing an episode every weekday through April 22nd, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

In this episode: George Washington, the conservationist. Gardens, horses, distillery. Love for soil. Care for water. Responsibility to the lives of 40 oak trees. Copious notes. Student of nature. Careful composter: If it comes from nature you have to give it back. 

His mother? Taught him to ride horses. A strong woman with a strong garden. Diversity in planting produces better results. His teeth? Made from animal bones. His dentist: a different story. 

Observing in place. Founding fathers walking in the green. “Whether you’re writing the constitution, or doing your homework, or being with your family, it’s such a good thing to have nature all around us.”

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