Plant a Tree, Save the Planet

Dec 30 2019

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In 2020, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd. In honor of this momentous occasion, we implore you to take action: plant a tree!

What’s a tree when faced with climate change?

Well, Project Drawdown lists planting trees (or afforestation) as the 15th most impactful solution to climate change. That’s out of 80 ranked solutions, easily beating out electric vehicles (#26) and recycling (#55).

Another recent study concluded that reforestation is “the most effective solution” for mitigating climate change: planting 500 billion trees could remove 25% of carbon from the atmosphere – and we have space to do it without encroaching on farmland or urban areas.

Trees provide myriad benefits. Trees…

  • fight climate change by absorbing CO2
  • prevent flooding & clean water by slowing and absorbing rainwater
  • reduce erosion by holding soil in place
  • keep us cool by providing shade and and regulating air temperatures
  • save energy by shading buildings in summer and protecting from cold winds in winter
  • clean our air & provide us with oxygen
  • make us feel good and reduce stress levels
  • reduce noise pollution by absorbing and blocking sound
  • provide wildlife habitat

And the list can go on!

Global Movement

Many countries around the world are realizing the great benefits of planting trees and setting ambitious targets as part of their climate action plans.

Location Goal
AfricaThe Great Green Wall: 10 mi wide x 4,350 mi longIn progress
Australia1 billion treesIn progress
India220 million treesCompleted in 1 day!
Ireland440 million treesIn progress
Kenya51 million treesCompleted, on-going – The Green Belt Movement
New Zealand1 billion treesIn progress
Scotland21% woodland by 203222 million trees so far
Senegal79 million mangrovesCompleted
Tanzania50 million treesIn progress

Planting trees is a simple and affordable measure to counteract climate change – you don’t even need a yard. So what are you waiting for? Join the global movement and get planting! The Arbor Day Foundation has many resources for planting trees.

Bring Trees into the Classroom

Start a new tradition and host a tree planting at school this year for Earth Day on April 22nd or Arbor Day on April 24th. Educators can find helpful resources to nurture a lifelong love of trees in children and young adults with the Tree Campus K-12 program from the Arbor Day Foundation.


Project Drawdown

Arbor Day Foundation

How Nature Can Help Heal Our Planet – The Nature Conservancy

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