We’re Moving to a New Space

2020 is set to be our biggest year ever, thanks in part to our brand-new location! We’re moving to a bigger, brighter space nearly triple the size of our current home, giving us better resources and opportunities to help people and make our world a more beautiful place!

Big Changes for Big Impact

We’re ready to stretch out and extend our mission across communities, making it easier for educators and eco-minded individuals to take advantage of everything we have to offer. 

Our new Addison location is perfect for:


With multiple more than a dozen hands-on learning experiences, we can help support your curriculum.

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Our new dedicated book rescue, crayon recycling, and resource center makes it easier than ever to give back to the earth!

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Group Leaders

Bring your scout troop, club, or organization in for a fun, informative class or group volunteer opportunity.

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Find the rare missing piece in your collection, with our new storefront filled with vintage records, books, and more. 

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More for Everyone

We have big plans for what this space will provide, as more square footage will allow us:

  • More classrooms to accommodate larger groups and events
  • More comfortable, climate-controlled resale experiences
  • More ability to accept donations and expand inventory
  • More opportunities for community involvement

How to Help

We want you to be a part of our transformation! Help us move to our new space through:





packing supplies 

(20 needed)


painting supplies 

(4 needed)


one day of 

truck rental 

(10 needed)


20 linear feet of wall build out 

(6 needed)


Low voltage & IT hook ups 

(2 needed)




Help us sort, pack, organize, and get moving.

Become a Volunteer

For corporate or larger donations, please reach out to Bev Jaszczurowski at bev@scarce.org.

On the Move

We can’t wait to share this clean, bright, spacious new location with you; contact us to learn how you can get involved!

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Are You Ready To Do Your Part?

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