ABC's of Recycling,

I is for Inkjet

Aug 31 2022

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Inkjet cartridges might seem small but they have a big impact when it comes to our environment.

Notice the gloves! Handle cartridges with care.

According to Evolve Recycling, “Approximately 1.3 billion inkjet cartridges are used around the world annually and less than 30 percent are currently being recycled.” That’s a lot of metal and plastic going to landfills, so we’re offering tips on how to keep them out of the trash!

By reusing and recycling ink cartridges, you can minimize waste, conserve natural resources, and reduce pollution associated with the production and disposal of these e-waste items.

How to extend the life of your inkjet cartridges

To get the maximum use out of your cartridges, consider changing your font. Ryman Eco and Courier are two of the eco-fonts suggested by both Company Folders and Toner Buzz.

Check the packaging on your cartridge or do a quick internet search on the brand for details on how to best handle your cartridges. There are a couple of options:

  • Can you buy an ink refill pack for your cartridge? That’s a great way to keep your cartridge in-use and out of a landfill.
  • Some printer companies (like Epson, HP, Canon, etc.) and third party re-use companies allow you to return used inkjet cartridges, sometimes even giving you cash for them. A portion of these cartridges get refilled and turned into refurbished inkjet cartridges. Another great re-use option.

Don’t want to fiddle with all the forms and mailing? The easiest way to be eco-conscious with your cartridges is to bring them to SCARCE. We send them to a company that refills and recycles inkjet cartridges. Another option is to drop them off at your local big box office supply retailer during your next shopping outing. They will send them to the Original Equipment Manufacturer, a refurbisher or a recycler.

Other Options

Consider purchasing a printer that utilizes a print tank instead of cartridges. These printers seem to work best for people that print frequently. The initial cost for the printer might be higher, but you will reduce the amount of refills you purchase, which is good for your wallet as well as the environment.

If you don’t print often and don’t need copies in a time-sensitive manner, forego buying a printer of your own and print at a library or print shop. Sharing a printer is the greenest way to go. You might even have a neighbor, friend, or family member that would be happy to print the occasional item for you.

Make a Group Effort!

Want to make more of an impact? Organize an inkjet cartridge collection!

Boxes like the one shown make it easy for an office, school or church to collect (somewhat messy) cartridges — an effort that will raise eco-awareness and maybe a few dollars, as well!

Returning inkjet cartridges for re-use can help us all move away from single use e-waste and help build a healthier economy.

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