Hot Topics October 2016

Sep 28 2016

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A handful of important articles from the news and other environmental organizations from the past month. Scroll down and click underlined sections of text for more details.

FDA Bans 19 Antibacterials used in Soaps

The US Food and Drug Administration has (finally) issued a ruling banning the use of tricolosan, triclocarbon and 16 other antibacterial chemicals in consumer products including soap. They cited lack of proof that they work any better than plain old soap and water and some evidence that they may cause harm. SCARCE has been educating consumers to avoid antibacterials for a number of years. Manufacturers are required to discontinue or reformulate products by September 2017. Check out NPR’s write up including a list of the chemicals banned.

US EPA Drinking Water Mapping Application Gives You the Ability to Learn About Local Water Contamination & Threats

This geospatial tool is available for free online. You can identify important watersheds,  find out if local water is polluted, potential sources of pollution and projects in your area to protect our waters.

CDC Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Oct 25-31st, 2016lead-free-kids-national-lead-poisoning-prevention-week

No amount of lead exposure is safe. The Flint, Michigan lead crisis cements the need for this annual event to highlight ways to prevent from lead-poisoning, the most preventable environmental disease in young children. Check out resources from the CDC to increase awareness or train staff. As part of its education programs, SCARCE reminds you to use lead-free hoses for school and home gardens. Look for hoses that state “lead-free” such as this one. Lead shouldn’t be a part of any garden.


Bat Week October 24-31st, 2016

Check out this fun resource for your classroom or organization. Bats are vital to the health of our environment: they pollinate flowers, eat insects, and spread seeds. Bat Week invites groups to host a “Pulling for Bats” event to remove invasive plants and increase habitat and food availability for bats and other wildlife. The Bat Squad will be doing live webcasts during Bat Week.

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