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Dec 21 2016

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How Much Waste Do We Produce? EPA Stats Released

We generate a lot of waste in the US. How does it all stack up? Check out the numbers – and some good charts that make sense of them – from Waste360. The good news: recycling is going up! We can all help – buy items that are recyclable, contain less packaging, and learn what really is or is not recyclable in your community.

Cornell Study Finds ‘Weeds’ Support Crop Yields & Monarch Butterflies

Who knew?? Supporting butterflies by growing milkweed helps manage pests and increases yields for farmers. Cornell scientists suggest a more holistic approach to weed and pest management, taking into account weed costs and benefits as farmers move away from reliance on herbicides (such as RoundUp), GMO crops, and pesticides. At home, you can plant milkweed in your yard and garden to support our native pollinators!

Watch this Video and You’ll Never Try to Recycle a Plastic Bag (at home) Again

DNA info made a short video that shows why you can’t recycle plastic bags in your home recycling bin. Instead, take them to a local store that offers recycling, such as Jewel or Target.

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