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World Wildlife Day 2017

March 3, 2017


The 2017 theme for the United Nation’s annual World Wildlife Day is “Listen to the Young Voices”. Take this day to help empower your students with ways that they can help to educate others about our impact on wildlife. Human influence on the environment is at the core of wildlife survival. Pollution and habitat loss are a few of the big ways we affect animals. A host of animals are affected each year by litter in our waters and on land.

Species that Need our Help:

The American Pika

Success Stories

The American Bald Eagle.

Don’t get down – check out a few success stories:

How ‘Young Voices’ Can Help

Help your students feel empowered to help animals and our environment through a local litter clean up in your schoolyard.  You can also encourage students to #PickUp5 whenever they go on a walk and teach others to do the same by example.

For more, check out the following organizations:

Are You Ready To Do Your Part?

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