S1 Episode 7 – Learning and Interning

Oct 14 2019

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S.C.A.R.C.E. is School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education. And so much more! Learn about this award-winning environmental non-profit through the eyes of three summer interns: Jack, Caden and Nora.  

Meet Jack: Fisherman and Junior at University of Iowa: Environmental Policy and Planning. What he learned at SCARCE: Be cautious of what you’re using how much you’re using. Reusing materials can be crafty and fun. Working with kids: Back to School Fair and STEM-a-palooza. Working in the warehouse. Composting. At the County Fair: Live mussels demo and boat-building. 

Meet Caden: River-lover and Senior at Wheaton College: Environmental Science. Spent time in book rescue. What it means to run a non-profit. Northern Illinois Food Bank. Higher Education Classes: Where is Away workshop & Water Workshop: Following water through the treatment process. Visiting the Urban Stream Research Center. Macro-invertebrates = indicator species. There’s a need for people to care about these streams that need to be preserved. Installing Storm Water Medallion at Naperville Hazardous Waste Center. Carrying boxes. Added bonus: This internship has helped him with his fishing. 

Meet Nora: Influencer and Senior at Vanderbilt: Environmental Sociology / Human and Organizational Development. Educator. Higher education classes. Impacting children means impacting families. Teaching the Three R’s and paper-making. Book Rescue. Setting up composting program at Morton Arboretum. Bread tags. At SCARCE you can see what your contributions are going to. Teary-eyed teacher donations. 

You can see photos of Jack, Caden and Nora along with the educational dragonfly garden they built here

For info about some of the higher education classes mentioned on this program, check out Where is Away Workshop and Living Water Workshop

Daily doable: Check out the SCARCE website for an abundance of reuse and recycling programs. Find out about hazardous waste and more.

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