Energy Curriculum

Energy Resources for Educators

Our online library of videos and downloadable materials will enable students to learn about energy remotely. We offer a curriculum of videos and downloadable materials that follow Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Energy Curriculum Resources

Discover all the ways to save money, conserve energy, and preserve our Earth’s resources.

Pedal Power

Using efficient lighting can help conserve a lot of energy! See the differences in the Pedal Power it takes to run an Incandescent, CFL, and LED lightbulbs.

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Clean Your Coils! 

A clean fridge is an efficient fridge! 
See how easy it is to save on energy costs and prolong your refrigerator’s life simply by checking on its coils.

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Lint Trap

Removing lint from your dryer helps air move freely, but did you know there’s more lint trapped inside your machine? Learn how to maximize your dryer’s efficiency with these tips.

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Learning at Your Fingertips 

More resources are in the works, and we’ll be updating this page regularly with new educational tools. For more information on our eLearning Energy Curriculum, contact SCARCE today!

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