Attainable Sustainables Institute Day Class

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Attainable Sustainables Institute Day Class

March 4th @ 8:30 am – 2:00 pm CST FREE

Open to teachers from DuPage County schools only. Earn 5 PDs.

Hybrid Class: 25 in-person spots & 25 virtual spots total.

Submerge yourself for a day in the dynamic world of sustainability! We will spend the day diving into various environmental issues we face in our community and the role sustainable solutions can play in addressing them. Learn methods to protect our water, conserve energy, restore our soils and preserve our natural resources.  We will also explore emerging careers in the field of sustainability.  

This fast-paced STEM class is packed with resources, hands-on activities, and ideas for the classroom that are adaptable to in-person and virtual learning.  Activities and concepts are NGSS-aligned and highly teachable and learnable for multiple grade levels. This class will answer many environmental questions, encourage deeper exploration of environmental topics and provide practical and personal connections with the world around you.

This live virtual class will be held on Zoom and include:

  • live presentations
  • virtual peer collaboration
  • interactive discussions

Thank you for your interest in our Institute Day Class. Unfortunately the class has reached capacity. Please contact Erin at to have your name added to the waiting list.

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