S3 Episode 3 – Hope’s Garden: Growing new purpose at DuPage County Jail

Sep 29 2020

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In this episode:  Join Kay, Heather, and Carol, in this talk through Hope’s Garden. What have they unearthed? Daily dedications…Plant therapy- without chemicals. Goosebumpy long-term vision: Serving incarcerated people. Job training. Teamwork at the highest levels. Win-win-win-win……. The Sheriff’s morning prayer. Bouquets of purple for victims of domestic violence. Vegetables for food pantries. ?? Look how we all can change! ??

Mentioned in this episode:
SCARCE and Hope’s Garden
Dupage County Sheriff
JUST of DuPage
Water Right Lead-Free Hoses
Elmhurst Garden Club
Wheaton Lion’s Club
Prosek’s Greenhouse

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