Eco-Extraordinaires December 2016

Dec 01 2016

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Westmont Jr. High’s #PickUp5 Litter Clean-Up

To celebrate America Recycles Day, students in the Outdoor Environmental Club at Westmont Junior High did a litter clean up. Teacher and club sponsor Jenny Goodell reports that they picked up over 1,000 pieces of litter on their school grounds. The #1 waste? Cigarette butts. Awesome work keeping America – and your school grounds – beautiful.

westmont-jr-high-outdoor-env-club-litter-pick-up-5westmont jr high pick up 5





Villa Park School District 45 Leads in Energy Efficiency

In the 2007-2008 school year, School District 45 began efforts to save energy across their schools. They upgraded equipment and buildings and taught conservation methods at each school,  such as working with teachers to turn equipment and lights off when not in use. Their efforts paid off! All of District 45 schools are in the top 25% of ENERGY STAR  schools and continue to see an overall decline in energy use, despite more A/C and technology. Excellent work!

District 45                      energy-star

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