Celebrating 2018 Grant Awards at SCARCE

Dec 22 2017

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This past year SCARCE applied for grants to aid in the continuation of some of our programs and development of new ones. We are grateful to announce that we were chosen to be awarded by the following organizations.

DuPage Foundation

SCARCE is excited to get support from the DuPage Foundation for a three programs. First, we will be designing and constructing an educational kiosk to loan out to the communities we serve. We are excited for the possibility to reach more residents than before with recycling and environmental education. The award also allows expansion of our storm drain medallion program to protect local water quality and build awareness around our water resources. Finally, the funds will help support a composting field tour to educate about the process, importance, and benefits of food scrap amended composting for community waste reduction.

Eco-Lab Foundation

Eco-Labs chose to support our efforts to provides groundwater education. Utilizing groundwater flow models we are able to provide hands-on education for students and community members about underground water contamination and how to conserve and protect our water resources.

Wal-mart Community Grant

Wal-mart is helping SCARCE to continue to provide waste reduction and recycling opportunities for our community at our facility. We were able to utilize the funds to purchase a motorized pallet jack to ease the donation and sorting of materials at our resource center.


We are honored to be chosen as recipients for these awards. Thank you so much for your support DuPage Foundation, Eco-Lab Foundation, and Wal-mart! Together, we will create a brighter future for people and the planet.

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