Calling All Artists & Makers! Come to SCARCE’s Great Art Event

Sep 29 2021

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Art Supply Event at SCARCE

Two sessions offered: Wed, Oct 13 at 4:30pm and Sat, Oct 16 at 12:30pm

“As a public-school art teacher, I used to come to Scarce for classroom supplies,” said Cheri Johnson, who also volunteers for SCARCE, an eco-education nonprofit located at Route 53 and North Avenue in Addison. “The variety of items available is incredible. Specialty papers, shells, art books, drawing tools, sand, glitter, marbles, fabric, yarn, the list goes on and on!” Ms. Johnson ticks off a few of the treasures that she’s found at SCARCE.

Normally, these supplies are only available to educators and non-profit employees, who can fill a box with anything from books to craft items for a small fee ($5.) The public is always invited to shop at the used records and books store but cannot purchase items in the teacher tool area.

“I wondered how we could expand the mission to include artists?” Johnson wanted to help fellow artists, collagers, scrapbookers, and makers of all sorts who would delight in the variety of inexpensive materials at SCARCE. That’s how “The Great Art Event!” was created. 

On two afternoons during October, SCARCE will offer artists and makers of all kinds, the opportunity to shop for a curated selection of donated, new and used, art-making supplies at their Addison location. 

“We’ve been stockpiling all kinds of wonderful stuff for the event,” Johnson explains. “Art books, painting supplies, mosaic tiles and items of curiosity—Pachinko machine, anyone?—you really can’t help but be inspired here.” 

Registration is $5. Fill a box with materials for only $5 if you are an art teacher at a school or $10 if you are not. A few items will be specially priced.

Another reason for the event, says Johnson, “I want everyone to learn about SCARCE. We have this incredible resource in our community. Everyone should know about it.”

The Great Art Event!

Shop for new and used, donated art supplies at SCARCE, an eco-education and recycling nonprofit in Addison, IL. 800 Rowling Road, Unit D, Addison, IL.  Inspiration free!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 from 4:30-6:30pm Register here

Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 12:30-2:30pm Register here

$5 to register. Questions? Call: 630-545-9710

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