Birthday Party Package Order Form

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Happy 33rd birthday to us!! Why a 33rd birthday party?? We had planned a big celebration when we turned 30 and moved into our new facility in 2020. And then COVID happened. We are still so excited about our “new” facility and we love being in our mid 30s! So help us celebrate the past and sustain the future. 

We have several levels of party packages for you to choose from:

Pint Size Party Package ($11) is for attendees under the age of 14 and includes a child beverage, cake and a SCARCE pencil for one person.

Party Package ($33) includes a beverage and cake for one person.

Premium Party Package ($66) includes a beverage, cake, water bottle sticker, and SCARCE stainless steel straw for one person.

VIP Party Package ($99) includes everything from the Premium Party Package as well as a SCARCE T-shirt for one person.

Can’t make it to the party? You can still celebrate by donating below. Thank you for your support!

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