7 Eco-friendly Tips to Stay Cool this Summer

Jun 25 2020

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Summer heat can have us all cranking the AC to stay cool but whoa! What an energy suck that AC can be. Save energy and stay cool this summer with these simple tips. Energy saved reduces your climate change impact, keeps pollution out of the air you breathe, and money in your wallet.

Check the air filters on your A/C system
A dirty filter slows down air flow and makes your system work harder. The general rule is to change filters every 3 months. Get more clues on when its time for a new filter.

Use fans to create a cool breeze
The breeze from a fan is great at keeping you cool without having to crank the AC. Turn fans off when you leave the room as most only cool you – not your space.

Close blinds or drapes to block hot rays from the sun
Just imagine how much less hot it is under the shade of a tree versus out in the open. The same applies for you home! On hot sunny days, close blinds and drapes to keep your AC from having to work overtime. Do this on windows getting direct sunlight, especially for south and west facing windows.

Cool your space with plant AC
Need an excuse to buy another houseplant? Not only attractive – they can also help regulate the temperature of your space. Because they release moisture into the air, indoor plants can reduce the temperature of a space by as much as 10 degrees. While those results may be uncommon, plants do have a cooling affect for your space. Some easy houseplants to start with are Snake Plant, Spider Plant, ZZ plant, and golden pothos.

Swap hot incandescents for cool LED bulbs
Not only do LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy of a traditional incandescent bulb – they also give off 70-90% less heat so they can help cut home cooling costs. Look for ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs for guaranteed performance.

Seal and insulate to keep cool air inside
Most homes are quite leaky. Prevent your cooled air from escaping by sealing air leaks around your house and adding insulation. This will help keep warm air inside in the winter as well and can save up to $200 a year.

Heading to the lake? Prep your home before you go!

Save while you’re away
Going on vacation? Be sure to set your thermostat to a higher temperature, turn down your water heater, and close window coverings to conserve energy while you’re gone.

Bonus tip: Upgrade your pool pump
If you are one of those lucky folks that can stay cool poolside in your own backyard, be sure your pool isn’t being an energy hog! Replace your old pool pump with an ENERGY STAR certified model – they use up to 65% less energy than a standard pump and can save thousands long term.

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