5 Energy Saving Tips for Earth Hour

Mar 02 2020

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On March 28th people worldwide will turn out the lights for Earth Hour, a grassroots movement that is shedding light on the climate crisis. Whether or not you are taking part in an Earth Hour event, check out these simple tips to save energy and reduce your climate change impact.

Unplug 3 things: Look around your home with a discerning eye for items you could unplug. Devices and appliances draw power when not in use if left plugged in. Need ideas? Look for charging cables and infrequently used (and easily unplugged) appliances such as a toaster, blender, or guest room clock.

Use Dryer Balls: Using dryer balls in your clothes dryer can reduce drying time by up to 25%. You need at least 4-6 dryer balls to see results. Dryer balls also replace disposable dryer sheets, reducing waste and saving money. Look for dryer balls made from natural wool (those sensitive to wool could look for alpaca wool dryer balls). You can find them at Fruitful Yield and Whole Foods stores as well as many outlets online (including lots of fun options on Etsy).

Use Natural Light: Even on a gray day it’s amazing how much natural light from windows can eliminate the need for electric lights. So open those blinds and enjoy the free light provided by nature whenever you can. There’s even a word for it in building design “daylighting”. To preserve privacy or reduce glare, use sheer curtains or top down bottom up light filtering shades.

Embrace hygge: Turn down your thermostat and get cozy with a warm sweater, socks and beverage.

Adjust Your Thermostat: Program your thermostat to your daily rhythms, travel, and seasons. Turn it cooler in the winter and get cozy with warm sweaters and socks. Turn it up in the summer and use fans and cross breezes for added cooling. Save energy when not home during the day and while sleeping and set it to a vacation mode when out of town. You can get a programmable thermostat for under $20, so if you don’t have one, it’s time to make the upgrade.

Idling = 0 MPG

Avoid Idling: Transportation accounts for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. so eliminate the most inefficient form of driving: idling. All it takes is 10 seconds of idling to waste more fuel than restarting your car. So if you’re waiting while picking someone up, going through the car wash, or in line at the drive-thru, turn off your car to save energy and reduce emissions.

Get more tips to save energy and reduce your climate change impact from Cool DuPage.

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