2024 Award Winners

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Best Overall LEED Design – Lake Park HS

AMMFT designed a sustainable library in Illinois using adobe brick from locally sourced materials and bamboo. The library features a permeable parking lot, EV charging stations, and solar panels on a slanted part of the roof. A green roof on the flat roof top serves as a community garden while benefitting building temperatures. Judges highlighted their research into identifying the impacts and benefits of their design. They also found the presentation engaging and an all-around great team effort.

Best Stormwater Design – York Community HS

Mole Rats reused supplies from previous years to create a treehouse home with many sustainable features. Related to stormwater, their elevated design includes grass pavers, grass swales, a green roof, native lawn, rain barrels, rain chain, toilet tank sinks. Judges were impressed with the innovative design, the level of detail provided in their presentation, and unique features like a floating garden and kayak transportation.

Best Energy Design – Lake Park HS

The EcoHex home incorporated many large windows with an overhang for shading and smartphone powered blinds. North-facing trees, south-facing solar panels, geothermal energy, LED lighting, and smart home monitors were additional energy efficient features. Judges found their presentation detailed and well-organized.

Runner-Up Stormwater Design – Glenbard East HS

Green Living Designs created a residential home on an elevated restored brownfield site. Stormwater features include a rain garden, rain barrels, a greywater system, and water deduct meter. The judges commented on the thorough research of the pros and cons of their innovative design choices and loved the goat yoga.

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