2016 Cooking Oil Collection Rescued a Ton of Fat for Fuel

Dec 01 2016

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On Saturday, November 26th, the 4th annual post-Thanksgiving Cooking Oil Collection helped residents prevent plumbing problems and protect local water qualityOver 276 gallons of liquid cooking oil was rescued for recycling into fuel. That comes out to 2,109 lbs of cooking oil diverted from our sewers and landfills.

All cooking oil collected will be used to produce biodiesel, an environmentally superior fuel for vehicles and generators.

Recycle Cooking Oil Year-Round

This first one-day event, held in 2013, helped to establish permanent cooking oil collection sites around DuPage County. There are now 7 cooking oil recycling locations open year-round, and they continue to grow. The one-day event continues as an effort to expand opportunities for residents to recycle cooking oil after Thanksgiving, when families may use upwards of 4 gallons of oil to deep fry a turkey.



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